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Synthesis Education

The virtual learning revolution has already been taking markets by storm - and chances are high that online educational opportunities will only proliferate further in the coming years. Whether you're a brick-and-mortar school, an education business, or something else, Synthesis Education is there to be your trusted partner as you create or expand your online learning offerings.


Synthesis Education's comprehensive packages always include our distinct Synthesis Learning (curriculum) and Synthesis LMS (learning management system) components, but additional services such as a comprehensive co-curricular offering, accreditation support, and teacher recruitment and training are also available. 

Synthesis Learning

∈ngaged Learning provides a complete K-12 curriculum to numerous institutions globally. ∈ngaged Learning's curriculum lines include:

  • Inspire Learning (K-5)

  • Energize Learning (6-8)

  • Motivate Learning (9-12)​​

Captivated Learning provides an interactive and engaging curriculum for the post-secondary level. Beyond simply providing curricula, contacts to a variety of potential part-time course instructors or adjunct professors are provided for all courses to help institutions quickly find teaching staff for courses in niche subject areas.

Synthesis Learning Management System

Waves LMS is designed to provide K-12 students with fun and interactive learning experiences. Packed with features to support both synchronous and asynchronous learning environments, Waves LMS provides a full suite of tools which we can guarantee your students, teachers, parents, and administrators will

Layers LMS has been designed to provide a fully integrated and highly customisable platform for higher education institutions. With features including class-specific calendars, question banks, and automatic course unlocking systems based on completion of prerequisites, Layers LMS is there to bring your college or university to the next level.

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