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We provide a large variety of programs which enable you to provide revolutionary educational opportunities. 

Our hallmark 2Educate program, Syntheis Education, provides a full suite of tools to get an online school off the ground.

Ladder Learning is the go-to solution for starting or expanding tutoring centres. With offerings ranging from detailed topic guides to marketing materials, Ladder Learning is there to help your tutoring center succeed.

Get ready for a school management system like none other -- Xperience provides a complete system ready to allow for seamless school management.

The BIET provides a number of tests for students in grades K-12 and above, inclusive of the ESEST, MSEST, HSEST & CLCS.

With a focus on providing immersive hybrid learning experiences to schools and local educational projects, BlendEd helps bring expert instructors into learning environments globally.

The NASC manages and grants charters for a number of popular clubs, including the iGlobe National Student Newspaper.

Say goodbye to convoluted admissions procedures. With CentralApp, admissions pathways are streamlined, allowing for easy applications to K-12 and higher education institutions alike.

We are thrilled to introduce our innovative project, "Learning Centers," which is set to revolutionize the way individuals and companies engage with education. Learning Centers are more than just places of learning; they are vibrant hubs that serve both the curricular and extracurricular needs of your community.

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