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Bada Institute of Educational Testing

At the BIET, we are committed to advancing educational excellence through our comprehensive range of assessments tailored to test critical thinking skills, subject knowledge, and compliance with grade-level standards. Our institute serves as a hub for students, schools, and approved test providers, offering a diverse array of testing sequences and individual assessments to cater to a wide spectrum of educational needs.

BIET's testing sequences provide a holistic approach to evaluating academic prowess and growth. Our range of sequences ensures that students are assessed at different educational milestones, enabling a nuanced understanding of their development. Each sequence includes multiple tests that can be taken individually, providing a comprehensive evaluation of skills and knowledge.

BIET serves as a bridge between students, schools, and approved test providers, offering a diverse range of testing solutions that elevate education on multiple fronts. Through our meticulously crafted assessments, we foster a culture of growth, learning, and achievement, ensuring that every student's journey is supported and every school's mission is enriched. Join us in the pursuit of educational excellence at the Bada Institute of Educational Testing.

Elementary School Educational Standards Test (ESEST)

The Elementary School Educational Standards Test (ESEST) is a cornerstone of BIET's offerings, providing subject-specific tests for each grade level. Students can take tests for individual subjects at their grade level (e.g., ESESTMATH3), overall grade level tests (e.g., ESEST3), and a comprehensive overall test (ESEST) that encapsulates their elementary school journey.

Middle School Educational Standards Test (MSEST)

BIET's Middle School Educational Standards Test (MSEST) focuses on subject-specific tests for each grade level. Whether it's subject tests (e.g., MSESTENGL8), grade-level tests (e.g., MSEST6), or an overarching proficiency test (MSEST), students can showcase their growth and knowledge as they navigate the crucial middle school years.

High School Educational Standards Test (HSEST)

The High School Educational Standards Test (HSEST) caters to high school students, offering subject-specific tests (e.g., HSESTWRLDHST) and a comprehensive overall proficiency test (HSEST). This sequence empowers students to demonstrate their subject mastery and preparedness for higher education and beyond.

College Level Class/Test System (CLCS/CLTS)

Our College Level Class/Test System (CLCS/CLTS) introduces a unique approach to education. This sequence offers specially designed courses with corresponding tests, creating a symbiotic learning experience. Schools gain approval to provide these courses as part of the system, enabling students to delve into college-level content and assessments.

Individual Tests

In addition to our comprehensive sequences, BIET offers a selection of individual tests tailored to various educational milestones and goals. These assessments include:

  • CRA - College Readiness Assessment: A test designed to gauge students' preparedness for higher education, ensuring a smooth transition from high school to college.

  • EST - Effort Spectrum Test: This test evaluates the spectrum of effort put forth by students in their studies, offering insights into their study habits and dedication.

  • MSAT - Middle School Admissions Test: Aimed at evaluating students' readiness for middle school, this assessment aids in guiding placement decisions.

  • HSAT - High School Admissions Test: Focused on high school readiness, this test assists schools in determining appropriate placement for incoming students.

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