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Captivated Learning

At Captivated Learning, we're dedicated to redefining education at the post-secondary level. We understand that learning should be a captivating and interactive experience, and that's exactly what we offer. Our holistic approach to post-secondary education goes beyond just providing curricula; we also connect institutions with a network of passionate part-time course instructors and adjunct professors across a wide range of niche subject areas. With Captivated Learning, your institution can offer courses that not only educate but also inspire.

Join us in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment with Captivated Learning. Contact us today to explore how our innovative curricula and access to exceptional teaching staff can transform education at your institution. Let's make learning an unforgettable journey together.

Our Product Lines


EnrichEdu is our flagship product line designed to bring enrichment and excitement to post-secondary education. This line is aimed at offering courses that go beyond the traditional curriculum and provide students with opportunities to explore their passions and interests. From arts and humanities to cutting-edge technology, EnrichEdu courses are crafted to captivate minds and foster a love for lifelong learning.


SkillMasters is the answer to the demand for practical skills and professional development in today's competitive job market. These courses are carefully curated to equip students with the skills they need to excel in their chosen careers. With SkillMasters, institutions can offer courses that bridge the gap between academia and the real world, preparing students for success in their future professions.


In the ever-evolving world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), SciQuest offers an exciting array of courses that ignite curiosity and exploration. These hands-on, interactive courses are designed to captivate students' imaginations and instill a passion for STEM fields. SciQuest empowers institutions to create the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.


In an increasingly interconnected world, global perspectives are essential. Our GlobaLearn product line is dedicated to providing courses that foster cultural awareness, global citizenship, and a deep understanding of international issues. These courses prepare students to thrive in a globalized society and contribute meaningfully to the world.

Why Choose Captivated Learning?
  • Interactive Learning: Our curricula are designed to engage students actively in the learning process.

  • Diverse Course Catalog: We offer a wide range of courses, from enrichment to skill-building, to meet the unique needs of your institution.

  • Expert Instructors: Access a network of experienced part-time instructors and adjunct professors for specialized courses.

  • Flexible Solutions: Customize our curricula and course offerings to align with your institution's mission and vision.

  • Student-Centered: We prioritize student success, offering resources and support to help them thrive academically and personally.

  • Global Impact: Prepare students to be global citizens who can address complex global challenges with confidence.

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